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Cylinder Head

Cylinder head is one of the most important elements of engine. The head top is cover mounting surface. Sides are exhaust junction surfaces, front is engine front cover, back is link to gear box. High precision are required in all surfaces, also it must have good surface evenness.

      Facing Milling& Convex Plate

Providing high speed milling cutter, lightweight cutting body made by special high strength aluminum alloy. Which reaches 500m/min cutting speed, also keep excellent dynamic balance, and machining precision.

Bearing hole machining

BM04 series round head milling insert, high performance, also high accuracy for profiling machining. Suitable for semi-finishing and finishing machining.

Step Hole Machining

Special cutting tool with step cutting edges forms step hole efficiently.

Cavity Milling

Cylinder block

Top, bottom and sides machining.

FM02-67 series, pentagon shape insert, 10 cutting edges; open type chipbreaker, high rake design. Those makes quick cutting, good surface quality, it is first choice for cast iron part machining.

Back side face milling

FM02-09 series face milling, interchangeable; large chip pocket ,smooth chip evacuation; It is applied to face, right angle step, grooving milling.


Lubrication groove machining 

SMP05 side milling cutter. vertical installation, it also can be formed to customized cutting tools, which is suitable for 5 different position machining.  

Thrust face machining

One type insert for right and left direction cutter.

Ex-circle , ends and rabbet machining

Roughing turning insert VCGX160408-NL cross OK434, indicated chip breaker, special chip breaker unit, large rake angle and positive clearance angle make it more sharp, cutting more smoothly.

Hole machining

Drilling: UDR series shallow boring insert. Good insert installation angle and optimized cooling structure realize reliable machining also able to bear large feed rate.

Grooves turning and milling machining

Connecting rod

Face milling

FM01/02-45 series cutting tools, OKE provide dense tooth type and rare cutter which has high rake design, provide quick cutting. To combine with various chipbreaker and wiper insert, it is suitable for steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, and high temp alloy finishing and semi-finishing machining.

Connecting hole machining

Crankshaft machining

Most crankshaft are made up by carbon steel and nodular cast iron. It is the main rotating part, and it changes the piston motion to rotational motion. For now, the speed of common motor engine can reach 6000r/min. So it requires very high process craft of crankshaft making on many aspects include: position, roundness, straightness of centre hole, and roughness.

Facing milling

FM07-45 series face milling, octagon shape insert, 16 cutting edges, combine with OP1215 grade, which has high efficiency and economic.

Deep hole machining

Brake disc

Brake disc

OKE inserts design to process brake disc made by grey cast iron (GB HT250/ ANSI G3000).

External and end face turning

Using D type clamping tool holder, double clamping system, installing with W shape insert, 6 cutting edges. Also tool holder provide 95 degree cutting tool angle which is able to do both external and end face turning. It is more economic and convenient.

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