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Fan casing

Fan casing (titanium alloy)

The main raw material of fan casing is titanium alloy,it has some difficult machining properties,such as high hardness ,high strength,corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance,the CNC inserts wear violetlywork hardening severely,cutting difficultly .

The most machining method for fan casing is turning ,using non-standard customized CNC inserts and high pressure cooling CNC inserts are the most efficient machining methods.

Turning Inserts (-OSM/-OSF)


Sharp and high strength ,it is the best choice for semi-finishing machining and finishing machining


High cutting edge strength, big clearance space,suitable for continuous and discontinuous cutting conditions.

All the chip-breakers above combined with the PVD coating ,such as the grade OP1105 and OP1215 ,are widely used for high temperature alloy,titanium alloy,stainless steel finishing machining,semi-finishing machining and roughing machining.

Aluminium alloy cabin door

Aluminium alloy density is low,high strength and good processability,as a kind of structure material ,

Facing milling

High speed milling series: high strength cutting body; special clamping design; 

High strength and light weight aluminum alloy holder body; unique cutting holder design; elastic structure, high pressure inner cooling system; cooperating with precision insert, is able to achieve high quality, precision, efficiency and stable processing.

Using 100 and 125 facing milling insert.

Using FM1-45 series milling insert, installing with SEKT12T3-NL.

Profile milling

Adopting with EM1-9O tool holder, installing with APKT160632-NL.

Titanium alloy stand

Titanium alloy is used widely, especially in aviation and aerospace field. It is very important bearing part. Aim at titanium alloy, we developed -OSM chipbreaker insert, such as RCKT-OSM、ADMT-OSM、SPGT-OSM. Also with full series tool holder:M02、EM08\HM10 and UDR which achieves high efficiency titanium alloy machining.

Face milling 

FM02 series with RCKT*-OSM, which save machining time; also it can be used in semi-finishing and rouging milling.

Side milling cavity machining

EM08 and HM10 series tool holder with ADMT-OSM insert, it is dedicated insert for titanium alloy side milling and cavity milling.

Shallow hole drilling

Adopting new material with high hardness property, tool has longer life time; new position installing angle, gives good chip breaker performance, also lower the vibration during cutting; cooperating with SPGT-OSM insert, suitable for Ti-alloy and other hi temp alloy.


The main material of plane undercarriage usually use 300M alloy steel and Ti-alloy. The typical processing technic is deep hole drilling ,and turning. 

Deep hole machining

UDD series tool hold with guide module, it guarantees the accuracy and internal face quality, it is suitable for deep hole machining, also it able make customized diameter tool holder.

Square shoulder milling

EM series tool hold combine with ADMT-OSM insert, design for Ti alloy, it is able to do slot milling side milling processing.

Facing milling

      Full production of round milling insert, which achieves different process method, such as milling, slot milling, plunge milling, profiling milling, arc milling and Circular spiral slope milling. Using RCKT*OSM insert, unique chip breaker design, high strength cutting edge, is suitable for hi-temp roughing and semi finishing processing.

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