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Turning Steel

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1KPMThree-dimension designed with double rake angle,and variable wide margin chamfer,it can decrease cutting resistance and increase the chip-break range.the cutting edge will more sharp than,it can acquire better surface quality even it machines the higher sticky alloy steel,and -KPM can be worked stable in serious work condition,such as uneven blank stock.

2OPFSpecial designed for cutting ISO P material,-OPF can efficiently control and break chip;with sharp cutting edge,it has low cutting forces and good chip-controlling,which help it obtains excellent precision and surface quality,suitable for finishing ISO P material.

3OPMNegative chamfer designed on sharp blade,blade intensity and impact-resistance are increased,it can efficiently break chip and extend chip break filed,-OPM is suitable for semi-finishing and slight interrupted cutting ISO P material.

4OPRThree-dimension designed with double rake angle,wide margin and negative chamfer,-OPR get ideal balance between blade intensity and sharp.It can efficiently guide chip’s flow direction and suitable for rough cutting and interrupted cutting.

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