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Difference between CNC cutting tool and traditional cutting tool

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CNC insert is used high performance and precision CNC lath. In order to get better machining efficiency, normally it has very higher design and manufacture requirement than traditional cutting tool.The main difference between CNC cutting tool and traditional cutting tool:

(1)High precision

In order to make high precision surface quality, so now it has higher requirement in manufacture precision, work-piece surface quality and tolerance. Especially in indexable cutting tools, to make sure when changed cutting nose still in a high precision, the position surface and interface surface must have strict accuracy control.

(2)Optimized cutting tool structures.

Advanced cutting tools structure improves cutting efficiency, such as most HSS endmill is adopted the wavy edge and large helical angle. Also carbide cutting tools use inner cooling system. 

     (3)High quality cutting tools material

    To improve cutting tool life time, and strength, most cutting tools used high heat treated strength steel alloy, so its life time and strength significantly enhanced. For insert part, CNC cutting tools adopt tungsten carbide as its material.

(4)Proper chip-breaker choose

CNC lath needs very strict chip control. In processing, if insert cannot break chips, it would lead cease the CNC lath. So whatever is the processing(turning, milling, drilling and boring) it must utilize the proper chipbreaker to get desired chip type.

(5)Coating treatment

Surface coating technology used and development born for CNC cutting tools. Because coating increases hardness of cutting tools, reduce cutting fiction, and improved cutting efficient and life time. So over 80% carbide indexable cutting tool adopt coating technology. Coated insert is able to use dry cutting, it provide an Eco-friend cutting solution. 

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