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How to choose CNC cutting tool ?

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How to choose CNC cutting tool ?

Purchaser should take the following aspects into consideration:

 (1)In accordance with performance of spare parts

  Used good wear resistance coated carbide inserts,  apply to turning and milling stainless steel, high strength steels, titanium alloys.

(2)In accordance with parts processing required

rough machiningUsed rigidity and low precision cutting toolsit is preferred in removed allowance.

Semi-finishing and finishing machiningUsed wear-resisting and high precision cutting toolsit is preferred in ensure the machining accuracy and quality of the parts as the first principles

Case studyto choose the same size cutting tool to rough and finishing processingit is recommended that the rough machining can be chosen by used finishing chip-break insert.When the cutting edge is wear and disbonding it will affect the processing quality on finishing machiningbut it has little impact on rough machining

(3)In accordance with characteristics of machining and geometric parameters: 

The tool with small diameter and long diameter ratio should be used when the parts structure is allowed.The cutting edge of the over center milling cutter for the thin wall and ultra thin wall parts should have enough centripetal angle, it will reduce the cutting force of the tool and the cutting part. Soft material parts should be selected  end mills of bigger rake angle on aluminum and copper machiningand number of teeth can not more than four. Selecting a tool, the size of the cutter should be adjusted to the surface size of the workpiece. Machining of plane parts contour will adopt end millingmilling with flat parts will select milling insertshigh speed steel end mills are used by machining the lug and grooveface milling insert can be selected for machining rough surface or roughing holethe machining of stereo surface and oblique contour will select ball milling cutter, circular milling cutter, tapered milling cutter and disc cutter.

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