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  • Stainless Steel2018-07-24

    OC4315Medium size WC grain in high cubiccontent gradient cemented carbide substrate combine with thin CVD AL2O3 coating contribute wonderful plastic deformation resistance. Special surfacetreatment makes smooth surface which has lower frictional resistanc

  • Steel Turning2018-07-24

    OC2115H Low Co content,medium grain, high cubic content gradient cemented carbide substrate. Which hasgood plastic deformation resistance and high temperature performance, matchwith MT-TICN + fine columnar α-Al2O3, Al2O3 coating provides very low surface

  • Cermet Grade2018-07-24

    OK6110 A material with both abrasive resistance and toughness, Its the firstrecommended grade for turning tools . Its suitable for semi-finishing andfinish of carbon steel, alloy steel . OK6120 Ithas good toughness, thermal shock resistance and wear

  • GM Chip Breaker2018-07-24

    -GM Large rake angle and charging width of edge,keeps both sharp and strength of cutting edge. Cooperate with smooth dischargechannel, further on reducing the cutting resistance force; insert has gooduniversality, it is suitable in semi-finishing to fini