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  • Turning Steel2016-06-14

    1、KPM:Three-dimension designed with double rake angle,and variable wide margin chamfer,it can decrease cutting resistance and increase the chip-break range.the cutting edge will more sharp than,it can acquire better surface quality even it machin…

  • Stainless Steel2016-04-13

    1、MF:Special chip breaker design to keep both sharp cutting edge and increased blade intensity which can efficiently solve break chip,high cutting temperature,sticking,work hardening and other machining problem.its working efficiency is better than -MSF2…

  • Cast Iron2016-04-13

    OC3115:Hard substrate perfectly combined with ultra thick TiCN and ultra thick AI2O3,OC3115 is optimized for excellent spalling resistance.its suitable for medium and high-speed cutting in cast iron,besides slight interrupted turning.

  • Aluminum Alloy Machining2016-04-13

    NL Chip Breaker:Unique three-dimensional chip breaker and sufficient Chip Pocket can efficiently guarantee chip break and chip removal performance. Large rake angle and back angle form sharp cutting edge,it’s optimized quick cutting and lower cutting load